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Damaris meets the cast and crew of Everest

Judy May from Damaris Media stopped by for a chat with the cast and crew of epic new film Everest. In this video, director Baltasar Kormakur, actor Jason Clarke and mountaineer David Breashears talk about their experiences making the film, and what they hope audiences will take from it.


Original short featurettes offer an entertaining route to considering the issues and concepts of the film. Interviews and clips make this an accessible way to engage people in exploring the film at different levels. You can also use the discussion questions (just below the videos) to help make the most of them.

Because It's There

Discussion questions for Because It's There

  • The mountaineers say they want to climb Everest ‘because it’s there!’ What do you think motivates people to tackle Mount Everest, when it’s so dangerous and costly? Should people be allowed to go on dangerous adventures like this, and why or why not?
  • The characters in the film form strong friendships, as did the actors on the set. How might challenging situations bring people closer together?
  • ‘As a species we always want to do the next thing’ (actor Martin Henderson). What do you think is the next big challenge or frontier for the human race? What’s ‘the next thing’ for you personally?
Download Because It's There, via Vimeo

Terror and Wonder

Discussion questions for Terror and Wonder

  • Actor Jake Gyllenhaal likens Rob and Scott’s leadership styles to different parenting techniques. Do you prefer a ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ approach to parenting or leadership, and why?
  • Why might it have been important for the actors to recognise that they were playing real people? What do you think it means for filmmakers to ‘bring truth to the audience’?
  • Actor Martin Henderson suggests that we view the story told by Everest as ‘the next chapter in the evolution of a human endeavour.’ How does the film help us to see hope in its story?
Download Terror and Wonder, via Vimeo

Discussion and Activity Guide

A whole range of events can be arranged to help people engage more deeply with a film, from an evening in for a film club discussion, to an outdoor activity for a youth group. The Discussion and Activity Guide provides all you need for a fun and enriching film-based experience, providing discussion questions and themed activities, supported by an icebreaker quiz and background information about the film.

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